5 Common Shipping Mistakes FDC Helps You Avoid

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Think the sale is over the minute your e-commerce customer pays for their purchase? Think again. Shipping is more than how your product gets from point A to point B, it’s an opportunity to showcase your commitment to quality and customer service. Here are five common errors that Fulfillment.com (FDC) can help you avoid while simultaneously ramping up your professionalism.

1. Limited Shipping Options

Even though the majority of e-commerce shoppers choose the least expensive shipping option (usually ground), for last minute gift items and holiday procrastinators, expedited (and more expensive) options are an easy value-added option for you to include in your shipping options. Your customers will appreciate having a variety of choices and it doesn’t actually cost you any more to make those options available. FDC has a variety of domestic and international shipping options and with our same-day fulfillment, most domestic orders arrive within 2 days of shipping.


2. Packaging Misfits

Reduce, reuse, recycle does not apply here. Even if your product’s packaging is stunning, shipping it in a used box increases the odds of everything from a bad first impression to a damaged product. Choose the right size package for your product and use a new box every time to ensure structural integrity. FDC’s Printing and Postage Department will work with you to determine the best fit—no pun intended—for your product packaging. We can even send test orders to you to ensure your package arrives exactly as you specify.


3. Point of No Return(s)

Make sure your return policy is easily located on your website and not intentionally buried four clicks in. Customers want to know they can return or exchange your product without a huge hassle. At FDC, our customized platform takes the guess work out of product returns. Our Returns Department determines whether or not each returned product is suitable for return to inventory. Damaged or open-returned products are properly disposed of or can be returned to the shipper if specified.


4. “Mi Shipper Es Su Shipper”

Take advantage of FDC’s volume shipping discounts. Utilize FDC’s multitude of carrier accounts to reduce your shipping costs when you send product direct or via your manufacturer. We’ll always work to find you the lowest shipping cost within your timeline parameters, but obviously, the more advance notice we have of a product shipment, the better.


5. Keeping Up with the (Website) Joneses

One problem which expanding businesses often face is ensuring their technology keeps pace alongside their increasing volumes and growth. FDC integrates with all major shipping carriers, providing real-time tracking at tracking.fulfillment.com so your customers have one centralized site to review their shipment. We handle the automation, you reap the benefits of order accuracy and customer satisfaction!

FDC’s systems were created to save our customers time and money. Contact us today for a free quote on how FDC can improve your customer service, expedite shipping times, and expand your market share.