The Impact of Social Media on 2014 Holiday Shopping

So we’re a week away from Halloween and I still haven’t decided what I want to be, let alone purchased a costume. Oh sure, I’ve trolled Pinterest and the web and seen lots of great ideas, from the truly creative to just plain wacky, but nothing yet that has made up my mind. Of course, my costume requirements are pretty specific: it needs to be comfortable, easily recognizable, somewhat clever, and preferably pulled together with things I already have on hand. Last year I was Lego, much to my son’s delight. I got a box from the warehouse, spray painted it red (because that was the color we had under the kitchen sink), and plugged in red solo cups (in the interest of full disclosure, I live at the beach, so plastic cups are a pantry staple).

But while I procrastinate about the next holiday on the calendar, stores and websites everywhere are way ahead of me, prepped and ready for the “big” holidays, the ones where people travel, buy/exchange/send gifts to friends and family near and far, add to their holiday home décor collections, and, generally speaking, spend money gratuitously. As E-commerce and even m-commerce sales become more and more the norm, the link between social media and purchases made is one worth understanding, for retailers and consumers alike.

The folks over at Offerpop have done their homework on the impact social media will have on holiday shopping trends for 2014 and created the informative infographic below. As a fulfillment company, we ship packages 6 days a week, and the uptick of holiday shipments has a big impact on our business, both from a staffing perspective and profitability outlook. Whether you are a consumer looking for a bargain on Cyber Monday, or a procrastinator like me who orders at the last minute and pays the price for expedited shipping, your mouse clicks have an effect on everyone from the manufacturer to the retailer to the warehouse to the shipper. This year, your tweets and posts may do more than entertain your friends and followers…they may even influence the economy!