Dragons and Panties and Fulfillment,
Oh My!

Here at Fulfillment.com (FDC), we inventory and ship an amazing array of varied products…from dietary supplements to small electronics, collectibles to clothing, if it fits in a box or envelope, we get it out the door. But recently, one client in particular is making waves, and increasing orders, from their participation on Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of the U.S. show Shark Tank), where they pitched the dragons a deal for 10% of the company for a $200,000 cash infusion. Knix Wear founder Joanna Griffiths sold the dragons on her unique underwear designed for women by women, featuring patented moisture and odor-wicking technology and a seamless fit in a variety of styles. The company has been featured in magazines from Forbes and Fast Company to¬†Cosmopolitan and their loyal followers are legion–and growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the exposure they received on the popular television series. FDC has been with them since the beginning, and ships both B2B and B2C orders for the rapidly expanding company. Check out the video below!