Save Money with’s Address Validation API

Announcing FDC’s Address Validation API

At (FDC), we are committed to saving our clients’ time and money. We are excited to introduce one more that way we accomplish this—via our proprietary address validation API.

You may be thinking, “How can something that sounds so simple save me anything?” Let’s say you ship 100 orders per day. If even just one of those order shipments has an address that got incorrectly entered (let’s just say due to the dreaded “fat finger” method on a mobile device), you’re going to pay shipping and return fees for something that doesn’t get delivered in addition to having an unsatisfied customer on your hands. Using the above example, you could have over 50 mis-shipped orders over the course of a year, and the time and money you spend rectifying them adds up. Factor in how interconnected ecommerce and social media are, and how quickly one unsatisfied customer post can go viral and negatively affect your future business…all because of a mistyped address? Yes, indeed! FDC’s address validation API alleviates those costs and consequential unhappy consumers.

Here’s a brief overview of how FDC’s address validation API works:

•  FDC provides our clients’ developers access to our exclusive code for their website’s check-out pages
•  FDC clients’ developers can customize the API to make suggested substitutions for incorrect addresses (e.g., in cases of spelling or formatting errors) or even provide the buyer an additional check to confirm that the address they entered is correct
•  The API validates any delivery address entered on the client’s webpage

Highlights of the cost- and time-saving benefits of this API include:

•  A higher percentage of correct addresses passing from a client’s CRM to FDC’s system ensures our clients a higher rate of sales
•  This percentage also directly correlates to  money saved on deliveries to incorrect or non-existent addresses and client chargebacks
•  Increased order address accuracy results in faster order fulfillment from time of order receipt by FDC’s system
•  Increased order address accuracy reduced FDC clients’ fulfillment and postage fees by decreasing or eliminating re-ships
•  Increased order address accuracy likewise reduces the number of returns back to FDC due to undeliverable addresses
•  The small cost of API address look-ups far outweighs the revenue loss of returns fees, re-ships, and order cancellations/chargebacks
•  Most address validators only apply to US addresses via USPA, but FDC’s address validation works for international addresses as well as domestic addresses. That’s right, FDC provides an accurate and complete worldwide residential and business address database for your website’s e-commerce shopping cart check-out pages!
•  You can utilize FDC’s address validation API regardless of whether or not we fulfill your customer orders–contact us today to ask about how you can “white label” this service and eliminate your cost of delayed or undeliverable shipments and returned products.

By utilizing FDC’s address validation API, incorrect addresses are rectified in order for a sale to occur, keeping the order process running smoothly and reducing shipping delays. These types of system-integrated services are a hallmark of FDC technology and pro-actively save you time and money. If you are not taking advantage of FDC’s address validation API, you are probably losing money and spending valuable time on customer service issues like returns, re-ships, and re-billing. Which would you prefer for your business: happy customers who receive their orders every time, or lower profitability, poor customer perception, and possibly even negative reviews? At FDC, our address validation API takes the guess work out of ensuring correct shipping and billing addresses, giving you one less thing to worry about!