Are You Part of the Exploding
E-Cigarette and Vapor Industry?

In 2014, the Wall Street Journal noted the combined e-cigarette/Vapor market size was $2.2 billion, with e-cigarettes holding the lion’s share at $1.4 billion and vapors at $800 million. Seen as healthier than smoking, and with a variety of flavor options beyond just tobacco (from savory to sweet and everything in between—Unicorn Puke anyone?), e-cigs and vapors are popular with those trying to quit smoking as well as those who see them as trendy and cool. Although the initial cost of a kit and/or “smoking juice,” as the vapor is also known, may seem expensive, a 1.5mL bottle of the latter is actually comparable to 5-7 packs of “old school” cigarettes.

A quick Google search of trade shows and websites related to the e-cig/vapor industry shows just how popular and diverse this industry is, and social media groups are equally prevalent. Are you a part of this record-breaking growth? Whereas the traditional cigarette market was controlled largely by the three so-called “Big Tobacco” firms, e-cigs and vapor makers and marketers tend to be start-ups anxious to get in on the astronomical growth and stake their claim.

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