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Scott Magnes, VP of Business Development,
Scott Magnes
VP of Business Development

At, every employee is trained to be a subject matter expert on our business. Here is just one example: Scott Magnes, VP of Business Development, who was recently invited to be a guest on Atlanta’s Business RadioX program to talk about how makes worldwide fulfillment easy.

Every week, from the Atlanta Business RadioX studio, Lee Kantor interviews top business professionals to learn what makes them the best at what they do. Show guests, who appear live in-studio, are by invitation only for this “unabashedly Pro Business” program. Shows are dedicated to learning about each guest and their work using an informal, unscripted structure. Business RadioX is the #2 Google search result for “Business Radio.”

For the April 13, 2015 show, Scott was joined by Daniel Cosey from the University of Tennessee and Scott Schonberger from City Wide of Georgia.

Click here to listen to the entire podcast. Scott Magnes’ portion starts around the 29 minute mark.