FDC Client Spotlight: Gelepad™

Fulfillment.com's Client Spotlight | Gelepad

What is Gelepad™?

Gelepad™ is a patent-pending, high-tech, personal comfort pad made with medical-quality gel encased in soft, yet durable, fabric. Designed by a self-proclaimed “corporate road warrior,” Gelepad™ was created to provide comfort at a desk, cubicle, home office, and more.

Who Invented Gelepad™?

Gelepad™ Founder Patrick Winkelman mused, “I’d like to say that I was finding every moment to get out of the chair and maybe go to the gym, but the truth is that I, like a lot of people, found myself stuck to the office chair for hours on end. Discomfort was just part of the price of a demanding job.” That’s when he realized: there are pads for shoes to help feet cope with long hours of standing, walking, and running, but there was nothing for the rest of the body parts that are often in contact with desks, keyboards, office chairs, etc. He developed Gelepad™ to provide a “soft, cushy pad that gives instant comfort to elbows, arms, & legs.” In fact, the various sizes of Gelepad™ products allow them to be used just about anywhere and on any part of the body that needs extra cushioning.

Why Use Gelepad™?

Whether you need relief while sitting in your office, vehicle, or even at home, Gelepad™ provides on-the-spot, portable, and re-useable comfort. Even play-related problem areas like tennis elbow, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome can all be massaged and comforted by this product specially designed to feel like soft body muscles.  Use the strap or reusable adhesive backing to affix it to a desk, chair, or car console and voilà! What used to be a body pain point is now noticeably soothed. Even sedentary and repetitive tasks, like long hours on the computer or phone and lengthy commutes can be more comfortable and productive with the help of Gelepad™. Gelepad™ can also help relieve some medical conditions that are aggravated by prolonged sitting.

Where Can I Get My Own Gelepad™?

You can order direct from the website www.gelepad.com. Once your order is placed, Fulfillment.com steps in to pick, pack, and ship your order just about anywhere in the world! When asked why he chose Fulfillment.com for his Gelepad™ orders, Winkleman replied, “Like many inventors with a great idea, I struggled with how I would handle the logistics. I even briefly considered managing this myself…that is, until I contacted the team at Fulfillment.com. They were extremely helpful in leading me through the process of setting up the logistics, stocking inventory, and managing the distribution of my Gelepad™ products. Unlike other logistics companies that I contacted, Fulfillment.com understood that I was a start-up company. They were willing to walk me through the process, knowing that the opportunity in working with me was in the future growth of my company. Their reasonable cost structure made it easy to manage my stocking and shipping costs and to provide ‘free shipping’ incentives to my customers. Their system is easy to navigate, was a snap to integrate with my shopping cart, and my Account Executive is accessible, helpful, and super friendly. With the time and money they save me, who knows what I’ll invent next?”