4th of July
Retail Impact

You may not think of Independence Day as a big retail holiday, but in 2014, cumulative U.S. sales were over $1.7 billion, with the average American spending $300 for the holiday! As you might imagine with this smack-dab-in-the-middle-of-summer-holiday, the main purchases revolved around bbqs and fireworks: $600 million on fireworks (given that many states have limitations on the types of fireworks allowed, and others have an all-out ban on any fireworks, that’s a pretty big chunk of change); a beefy $557 million on burger patties & toppings; beer comes in at a heady $341 million; and charcoal and lighter fluid heat things up at $111 million and $94 million, respectively. In addition, retailers tend to runs sales from June 29 through July 4, featuring pool & beach accessories, home improvement supplies; (outdoor) furniture; and even electronics (in this day and age, is there ever a holiday that doesn’t take the opportunity to sell electronics??).

Not everyone has the freedom (pun intended) to wile away the day at the pool, picnic, or parade. July is National Independent Retailer Month and those folks, along with many other industries that depend upon holiday sales, are taking advantage of the 3-day weekend most Americans will enjoy with the actual 4th falling on a Saturday. Brick and mortar sales are clearly impacted by the holiday and e-commerce shipments continue to increase as well. For those of you looking to support American businesses, look no further than sites like Etsy’s 100,000+ results for “made in the USA,” or a similar search on Pinterest for patriotic items, recipes, crafts, and more. And what could be more “independent” than supporting a crowdfunded cause close to your heart? In 1996, entrepreneur Don Buckner purchased the website MadeintheUSA.com, connecting consumers to over 300,000 American-made manufacturers, and on Independence Day in 2013, he launched an e-commerce version of the site via Amazon. The U.S. lifestyle maven Martha Stewart even created an American-made e-commerce site dedicated to showcasing our country’s best, innovative new product creators and those working to improve local communities, seeking to both impact and improve how we eat, live, work, and even shop.

No matter how you spend your 4th of July, we at Fulfillment.com wish you a safe and happy holiday and thank all of our military members, past and present, for making, and keeping, America the land of the brave and the home of the free!