An Ounce of Prevention

It doesn’t seem that “BIG” and “nimble” go together. However, (FDC) is BIG enough to ship millions of packages per year, but still nimble enough to pivot in real-time and make operational improvements on the fly. One process that significantly contributes to FDC’s operational efficiency is our digital weigh stations — accurate to a hundredth of a pound. Many fulfillment companies bin pack / cube and don’t bother to weigh each and every package, citing that it’s not cost effective or even necessary. FDC knows better.

Our technology development gurus figured out how to code in every product SKU and marry it to the proper mailing container and void fill, accounting for both weight and dimensions. So when a recent order containing a single, 60 capsule dietary supplement bottle shipping in a padded envelope set off the weigh station’s proverbial red flag, our attentive fulfillment associate found the empty sealed bottle which we had received from the manufacturer.

Now, that may not seem like a very big deal… but it really IS a big deal.

FDC’s weigh stations virtually eliminate the possibility of short-shipments and over-shipments, both of which cost you good will and money. In the case of short-shipments, you avoid the chargebacks and additional pick, pack, and re-ship fees, as well as disappointing a valued customer. The elimination of over-shipments saves you money on unnecessary freight/postage and returns fees for your honest customers and loss of merchandise costs for your less-than-honest customers.

Whether it’s humans or machines picking your merchandise, mistakes are unavoidable. Does your fulfillment provider have the resources and processes in place to catch those costly mistakes before they hurt you?’s world-class operations and technology development teams are dedicated to continuous improvement and producing 100% client satisfaction.

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