FDC Client Spotlight: Zyppah

zyppahWhat Is ZYPPAH®?

ZYPPAH is a revolutionary, new anti-snoring device. Made in the USA and cleared by the FDA, the key distinction between Zyppah and other anti-snoring mouthpieces is that their product provides two solutions to stop snoring, whereas all other products for snoring only offer one. Interesting Fact: the name Zyppah is a clever reversal of “Happy Z,” as in zzzzz for sleeping.


Who Invented Zyppah?

Designed by dentist and bioengineer Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, Zyppah was created after years of research and testing to address the root cause of snoring: the tongue.

Often people are misguided and think snoring has to do with the nose or mouth being open, but it’s actually the tongue. That’s why you don’t snore when you’re awake. The tongue is a muscle and, like all muscles in your body, it relaxes during sleep. When it blocks the airway, it creates turbulence and the snoring sound.

Zyppah goes directly after the tongue and is guaranteed to work and comes with a hassle-free, 90-day return, money back promise.


Why Should I Use Zyppah?

People who snore can suffer from a range of health issues, from cloudy thinking and reduced attention span to increased risk of stroke and other cardiovascular issues. Not to mention that snoring can impact the sleep of other household members. Since snoring is preventable with a product like Zyppah, why wouldn’t you use it? Who couldn’t use a more restful night’s sleep?


Where Can I Get My Own Zyppah?

Your can order direct from their website at www.zyppah.com. Check out their hilariously memorable TV Commercial here.

The company brings their sense of fun and playfulness to their products, offering Zyppah in pink (with a portion of proceeds benefitting Komen Foundation); military (camouflage your snoring!); and patriotic (celebrate your independence from snoring!).

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