Memorabilia, Collectibles, & The Geeks Who Buy Them

I was working at my first “real” job after college and can still recall having a conversation with my older brother about a quote he came across (I want to say it was in something mainstream, like Time magazine) that used the phrase “let your freak flag fly.” 20+ years later and I still love that expression and all that it encompasses. Having grown up a self-professed geek, I love that geeks today are more popular than ever, even to the point of being celebrated in shows like The Big Bang Theory. Smart is finally cool and yesterday’s “far-out,”sci-fi ideas, like Dick Tracy’s two-way wristwatch radio or the video chats and robot maid from The Jetsons, exist as today’s Apple watch, Skype, and Roomba, respectively.

Today’s culture reveres geeks. From ever-smaller computers, smart watches, and “wearable tech,” consumers are clamoring for the latest gadget to help them stay connected and work, live, sleep, and eat healthier. And guess who’s creating the code and driving the market for innovation? That’s right, it’s the geeks! Whether you’re into Star Wars or are a strictly old-school Dr. Who fan, there are numerous websites dedicated to the e-commerce expression of your inner geek. A couple of my favorites are and They do a great job of connecting with their customers (fans!) via social media, newsletters, and blogs, and celebrating freak flags of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

With the rise of crowdfunded campaigns to offset the costs of bringing a product to market, many niche items are targeted directly to their fan base. Aggregating websites like compile the latest products and campaigns, promoting them via daily email blasts. Categories are numerous and include: Gadgets for Geeks; Star Wars Goodies; Superheroes; Robots; 3D Printing; and Crowdfunding Projects. Other sites, like and, provide multi-platform media outlets combining a love of all things tech, science, and even some social (think: ComicCon). The former site even offers a subscription-based service for monthly geek-themed packages.

Kids as young as 2 years old are using technology, from tablets to their parents’ smart phones; they’re learning coding basics in grade school; and selfies, snapchats, and tweets are part of their everyday lingo. As the first generation to be raised steeped in, and surrounded by, technology and its exponential revisions, improvements, and hacks, the future they envision may be as different as the one Hannah Barbara dreamed up for the futuristic Jetsons way back in 1962. What will the geeks of tomorrow deem worthy of collecting? provides pick, pack, ship services for e-commerce orders, so give us a call today to see how we can save you time and money on shipping your collectibles and memorabilia, regardless of whose freak flag it appeals to.