Pets + Summer = Happiness

As George Gershwin wrote way back in 1934, it’s “summertime…and the livin’ is easy.” When the temperatures rise and the days lengthen, schedules relax and the focus is on staying cool and having fun. From bbqs to swimming pools to family road trips, even the family pet can enjoy summer—just remember to keep them hydrated and cool.

Let’s face it, pets are awesome (paw-some?). They comfort us as much as we provide for them. As the popular paw-shaped bumper stick proclaims, “who rescued who?” Even popular sites like Buzzfeed have cat and dog email newsletters for which you can sign up. As most anyone with an Internet connection can tell you, watching cat videos is fun and now research shows it can even be good for you!

According to the American Pet Products Association, U.S. households have more cats than dogs (85.8 million cats to 77.8 million dogs), but there are more households with dogs than cats (54.4 million with dogs to 42.9 million with cats), so I guess there are a lot more crazy cat ladies out there than we realized? They also cite that pet owners spend a yearly average of $47 on dog toys and $28 on cat toys. I’m no math whiz but that sure sounds like a lucrative niche market to me—and that’s just for dog & cat toys!

Are you selling pet products via e-commerce? As more households view their pets as family members, this market continues to grow. From large dog breed joint support nutraceuticals, to organic pet food, to one-of-a-kind pet costumes, can help pick, pack, and ship your pet products globally, and save you time and money while we do it! Whether you take advantage of the longer summer days to grow your own catnip for Fluffy or vow to spend more time on evening walks with Rex, summer is prime season for spoiling your pets. One company even took to social media to crowdsource the film, spotlighting the need for pet adoptions and getting involved in saving pets from animal shelters by volunteering or donating. Regardless of whether you’re a “cat person,” “dog person,” or any other type of pet lover, ordering your pet products online allows you to spend more time enjoying their company!