Subscription Services Continue
to Soar

Once upon a time, people received catalogs in the mail and they would “shop” the catalog, place an order, and wait for their package to be delivered. Sears, Roebuck & Co. was one of the biggest such catalogs, offering sporting goods, household items, clothing, and everything in between, and children anxiously looked forward to the Christmas edition, with its pages and pages of toys to study before making their wish list for Santa.  Even back in my college days, mail was prized. In my sorority, my roommates and I would pour over the latest J. Crew catalog and plan our shopping accordingly. The next best thing to your order arriving was a care package from home. Now there are literally dozens of companies who will ship care packages to your college student with the click of a button and no inconvenient trip to the post office.

The holidays are one of the biggest opportunities for shipping gift baskets, and companies like Harry & David set the standard for offerings such as “fruit of the month” clubs. That model, now commonly referred to as a “subscription service,” is available for just about any interest and anything you could imagine ordering. Bacon of the Month club? Yep, there’re several. Monthly shipments of beauty product samples? Unless you live under a rock, you should know about Birchbox. Don’t have time to shop for frequent pet treats and toys? Let Barkbox deliver them right to your door. Looking to expand your wine palate? Taste cheeses of the world? Have organic produce dropped at your doorstep? From clothes, food, toys, video games & DVDs, virtually anything you want can be shipped directly to you on a regular basis.


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I used to work with a woman whose policy on gifts was summed up thusly, “If I can’t eat it or read it, I don’t need it.” The staggering amount of subscription box choices available today would make buying something for her easier than ever! And for the guy who has everything, check out this site for an array of “man-themed” boxes from a zombie apocalypse to hot sauces to jerky to coffee. As an added bonus, they come packaged in an honest-to-goodness crate, complete with a crowbar (“It’s a major award!” Feel free to insert your own quote from the crate opening scene in A Christmas Story here). There are even organizations that coordinate shipments of care packages to active military members.

Whether you subscribe to a regular product delivery service or have a great idea for the next hot subscription opportunity, can help pick, pack, and ship your products!