From Snail Mail to Email and Back Again

In 1981, the first video to ever air on MTV was Video Killed the Radio Star, but even with the subsequent invention of mp3 players and music streaming services, both video and radio continue to co-exist all these decades later. As technology evolves, items that were once a coveted source of wonder, like cordless home phones and then (gasp!) car phones, quickly become passé for the next generation of tech. Just as making a phone call (or having to listen to a voice mail message) has seemingly gone out of favor for the more expedient texting and emailing, even these communication tools are not without their drawbacks.

Today’s better mousetrap is the future of email. Tired of “reply all” threads and queries that get “lost” in the soul crushing deluge of daily emails and spam, programmers are out there dreaming up the next big innovation. Whatever the best idea for streamlining communication is, it may take some getting used to, but in a future where we might just communicate and interact via chips implanted directly into our cerebral cortexes, we might even look back upon email with nostalgia.

The so-called rise of the creative class may not have occurred exactly as Richard Florida predicted it, but the Internet unites crafters, bloggers, and other creative types in an online community that spans the globe. Ironically, this same group of creators are the ones reacting to, dare I say generating a backlash against, today’s world, where it is increasingly possible to live your entire life online. These brave souls strive to live in the moment, produce useful products, and yes, even send old-fashioned letters. All of which has resulted in an uptick for e-commerce sales of everything from stationery to scrapbooking supplies.

The somewhat pejorative term “Arts & Crafts” has come a long way since the summer camp clay ashtrays and masking-tape-shoe-polish-covered-bottles of my youth. Just as Twitter users have given us a new meaning of “tweet,” Pinterest‘s 72.8 million users have updated the usage of pin/pinned/pinning to reflect their digital sphere of virtual bulletin boards. Paint-your-own-pottery shops and wine-fueled painting classes are popping up everywhere and a plethora of apps marry creativity with tech. Whether art is a hobby or a way of life for you, the variety of products available online to inspire your inner muse is as unlimited as your own creativity. At, we help online merchants save time and money on their e-commerce orders…from art supplies to paper products and everything in between.