Games & Toys: Not Just for Kids Anymore

With the glut of new products and “must-have” toys in limited supply every Christmas season, many parents fall back on buying toys for their kids that they themselves loved as children. Whether from a sense of nostalgia, wanting to bond over a shared interest, or just sheer desperation for something to put under the tree, parents continue to make classic toys like Mr. Potato Head, Play-Doh, and building blocks best sellers today. The most successful brands are those that expand their reach but stay true to their identity, such as Legos. They increased their market share through licensing agreements and cross promotion with popular movies like Star Wars and The Hobbit or more recently, The Lego Movie itself. There are even Lego-themed hotels, learning centers, and theme parks, along with a documentary on Legos that showcases the company’s dramatic turnaround from slumping sales to in-demand innovator.

Monopoly is another good example of a classic board game that re-invented itself for modern times. In 2013, they announced a social media contest to shake up the available game piece offerings. A cat was chosen to replace the iron, giving them news coverage galore and social media credibility with a younger demographic. From sports team themed editions to a dinosaur version to a Harley-Davidson themed set, and even a set made entirely of chocolate, this game from the early 1900s is still enjoyed by people around the globe today. When my son was 7, I introduced him to the electronic banking version at my brother’s house, which includes updated properties like Fenway Park and Times Square; the modern-day property values to go along with them; updated game pieces like a small dog in purse à la Paris Hilton, Segway, and Altoids tin; and an electronic banking system that eliminates the paper bank notes. Not unlike when I lost to my older brothers as a kid, my son quickly got the hang of the game and morphed into a ruthless real estate mogul whose taunt mantra was “In your face!” as he gobbled up more and more of my holdings. There’s a reason memes like this exist:




As video games evolved from Pong to Donkey Kong and captured more and more market share and the disposable income of youth, toy manufacturers attempted to marry new technology with the classic board game concept to create new interactive games like Stop Thief , Dark Tower, Merlin, and even Simon, which has captivated a whole new generation such that there is a keychain-sized version available to take with you anywhere. Games have also been turned into movies: take for example, 2012’s action film Battleship or this summer’s movie Pixels, where aliens attack earth using pixelated video game characters.

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