How Do You Promote Your Brand?

Once upon a time, brands were literally just that: a ranch symbol branded into cattle to keep track of their herd “inventory” or a stamp on Roman glass or Italian pottery to prove craftsmanship. Even watermarks on paper or wax seals on official documents helped ensure authorship and authenticity for the intended receiver. Out of this history grew the need for those mass-producing items to stand apart from the locally produced items with which consumers were familiar; thus, the need to brand themselves. Not surprisingly, the original factory-manufactured products resulting from the Industrial Revolution are still around today: Campbell’s Soup, Coca-Cola, Juicy Fruit, and Quaker Oats to name just a few.

Have you given much thought to your brand and how it represents your business? Many companies utilize promotional items and so-called “swag” to generate awareness and create buzz about their brand or product. If you’ve ever attended a trade show, you’ve surely come away with at least a couple of branded pens, stress reliever balls, maybe even a flash drive. Whether you reserve them as a way to thank top clients, pass them out at trade show events, or share them with your employees to bolster brand loyalty, promotional items can extend your brand’s image and reach for a longer duration than traditional advertising alone.

A great example of promotional giveaways are the samples of complimentary toiletries provided by hotels. Some chains offer a basic shampoo/conditioner and lotion with “upgraded” samples for frequent guests on concierge floors like loofahs, sewing kits, and more. The popularity of these items is evident at higher-end chains and boutique hotels offering spa treatments and selling those products in their gift shop and online. Some hotels offer monogrammed bathrobes, towels, even linens for you to purchase and return home with—talk about extending your brand loyalty!

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