FDC Delivers Order Accuracy AND Rapid Shipping

With Fulfillment.com, you don’t have to choose between shipping speed and order accuracy. Our system provides both the quality of complete address validation AND the speed of orders shipped within 24 hours or less.

Worldwide e-commerce orders are expected to reach $1.7 trillion in 2015. With that in mind, we created a handy flow chart depicting how Fulfillment.com (FDC) achieves a 99.98%* on time shipping rate of 24 hours or less from order receipt. Here’s an in-depth look at the life cycle of an FDC e-commerce order.

Let’s say you’re sitting at your desk, doing a little work on your laptop and you realize grandma’s birthday is next week. You know grandma loves her morning cup of joe almost as much as she loves you, so you find a site selling the perfect “World’s Best Grandma” coffee mug, submit your order, and enter your billing and payment information and grandma’s shipping address. What happens next?

Step 1
You complete your online order.

Step 2
The merchant’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool or e-commerce platform sends the order to a fulfillment center like Fulfillment.com. In our case, there is an Application Programming Interface (API), which enables the merchant’s system to “talk” to FDC’s system and pass along the order details.

Step 3
Once the order hits our system, it automatically undergoes an approval process to confirm two elements: the first is that the “ship to” address is correct as recognized by postal specifications, and the second is that the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) or product information is correct. Once this information is confirmed, the order is approved in the FDC system and all approved orders are picked, packed, and shipped within 24 hours. In the U.S., orders are pulled M-S at 6 am and noon EST; in Canada, orders are pulled M-F at 6 am and noon EST; and in the UK, orders are pulled M-F at 8 am GMT.

Seems pretty straightforward, yes? However, there are more behind-the-scenes checks and actions occurring between steps 2 and 3. First off, FDC’s system checks available inventory against what was ordered. If the product is in-stock, it ships. If the product is out-of-stock, the order gets placed on a “hold stock” status and the merchant is notified. Hold stock orders ship once the inventory is replenished. Because our system sends a daily fulfillment report reviewing previous days’ orders, standing inventory, and estimated inventory depletion date based on current order volumes, the merchant has plenty of forewarning to avoid hold stock orders.

What if the SKU that passes through from the CRM or e-commerce platform is incorrect? FDC Account Executives review order exceptions on a daily basis and will reach out directly to the merchant in cases of unmapped SKUs to rectify and move the order to approved status.

What if the address is bad? During the FDC system approval process, if the shipping address provided “fails” against the address validator tool, FDC team members review the address in question against Google maps. Sometimes the issue is as minor as a misspelling or incorrect abbreviation. If the address is validated by Google, the address validator tool is manually by-passed, allowing the order to be approved and shipped. In instances where the address is still not verifiable, the order is placed on a hold client status and sent to the merchant’s customer service team for review and verification daily.

As you can see, there’s an awful lot of coding. programming, personal review, and logistics going on behind the scenes after you make an online purchase, but at FDC, it’s our focus all day every day to make worldwide fulfillment easy by offering faster ship times and order accuracy

*applies to orders that pass to our system with correct SKU or product information and correct shipping address.