Today’s Luggage:
Not Your Parents’ Baggage

Families today are far flung, spread across the country and even the world. Whereas kids used to simply be driven across town to see their grandparents, nowadays they are more likely to board a plane in order to do so. Even family trips, whether to Disneyland, visiting cousins and extended family, or a day trip, require luggage and many kids today have their own overnight cases and backpacks, usually with a favorite character or design. No more packing everything in mom and dad’s giant, hard case Samsonite, especially with the current state of airline restrictions!

When my family of three packs for a trip (even just a day trip!), here is what we have at a minimum:

Me—cell phone with protective case; charger; plug-in; car adapter; “big” purse for lugging everything plus smaller purse for just wallet/phone/essentials when we arrive at our destination.

Husband—cell phone with protective case; charger; plug-in; belt phone clip.

Son—Nintendo DS + charger; tablet with protective case, charger and plug-in; ear buds; legos (So.Many.Legos); backpack for carrying everything.

Granted, our technology replaces lots of previous gear we used to cart around: GPS system; camera; video camera; travel dvd player (thanks, Netflix!); physical books (thanks, Kindle app); and board games (solitaire, chess, Minecraft, etc. on tablet), but we still pack a lot which necessitates something in which to carry all this stuff. So luggage is no longer just the bag(s) you shove your stuff into to get from point A to point B but also the stuff you use to protect your (mostly electronic) stuff. Even a trip to the grocery store requires you to BYOB (bring your own bag) if you are remotely eco-friendly. And it equates to big business globally, especially in countries with numerous High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) like the U.S. and China. According to, “total retail sales value of the global luggage market is forecasted to be about 31.62 billion dollars in 2015.” Luggage trends include GPS tracking-enabled bags (although, I’m thinking that if you can afford that kind of luggage you’re probably not flying commercial, so how could your luggage get lost?) and “specialized” bags for business travel, tourism travel, and daily usage (think messgenger bags, laptop cases, etc.).

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