FDC Client Spotlight:
The Snorkl

What is The Snorkl?

The Snorkl is a unique underwater mask that combines a 180 degree field of vision, easy breathing, and anti-fogging technology. Unlike traditional scuba goggles and breathing tubes, The Snorkl is one, self-contained unit with a dry top system that prevents water from entering the mask in choppy waters, waves, or accidental submersion, and the adjustable strap makes it easy to put on and take off without pulling hair.

Who is behind The Snorkl?

Jean purchased a similar product in his native France and was using it in the waters near his new home in Delray Beach, Florida, when fellow explorers wanted to know what his mask was and how it worked…even if they could try it out! Jean and his brother realized there was no similar product being sold in the US and Canada, and set about starting an e-commerce business to fill the niche. “The fact that Fulfillment.com (FDC) has facilities in both the US and Canada was a game changer for us,” notes Jean. “Being able to import The Snorkl products directly from our manufacturer in China to Canada absolutely convinced us to work with FDC.”

Why should I buy The Snorkl?

The full mask makes it easier to breathe than traditional scuba goggles and mouth tube. The exclusive anti-fogging concept is based on the same principle as the ventilation of your car’s windshield. Air breathed in is expelled into a separate area of the mask. Underwater enthusiasts around the world are amazed by how improved their snorkeling experiences are with this new-fangled mask.



Where can I buy The Snorkl?

Ok, you’ve convinced me that I need one of these cool masks (and maybe a couple more for awesome Christmas gifts)…where can I buy them? The Snorkl is currently sold online at http://www.TheSnorkl.com, is available in a variety of colors, and ships worldwide via Fulfilllment.com. You can read more rave reviews for the product here and here. As a special bonus for readers of this post, enjoy a 20% discount by writing fulfillment in the discount/promo code area. Offer valid through December 31, 2015.