Is the
Internet of Things on Your 2016 Radar?

Technology improvements and advancements tend to fall in one of two categories: safety and entertainment. Beyond the obvious popularity of smart watches, great strides have been made in wearable technology: from earbuds that monitor heart rate and track physical activity; to smart jewelry like rings, bracelets, and lockets that provide everything from smartphone notifications of emails and texts to wireless payment capabilities; even tiny socks to measure baby’s vitals while you (in theory) get some sleep. Smart cars are coming online that will link up with your phone, providing voice-activated tasks and keeping drivers hands-free for added safety. Commercial applications in the logistics industry range from real-time routing based on weather and traffic conditions to create efficiencies and reduce transportation costs, to autonomous warehouse vehicles.

As for the entertainment applications, larger TVs now have Ultra HD capabilities, anyone with a smartphone can have a voice-activated personal assistant, your home wifi can connect everything whether you use Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, or an open source alternative to do so. Even “personal” 3D printer pens are available and reasonably priced.

Many of these innovations are part of the realm known as the Internet of Things (IoT), where cloud-based tech combines with real world objects. The IoT makes things like remote access to your home’s lighting, alarm system, and HVAC; wireless key fobs to help locate your misplaced cell phone; and even starting your car while you’re still inside the house a possibility. Smart cities use IoT applications to monitor everything from traffic to available parking. A trade show dedicated to the IoT and its myriad applications was even created in 2015 to better explore and understand the possibilities of this growing area and its B2B applications. 

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