Sales Tips for 2015’s Home Stretch

It’s the home stretch, the final days of 2015, are you maximizing your sales opportunities by thinking outside the (Christmas present) box?

Cyber Monday has gradually morphed into Cyber Week, enticing online shoppers with extended sales, flash sales, and added bonuses like free shipping. What started out as a one-day sales driver originally focused on electronic devices has expanded into anything sold online. Extra credit awarded for those merchants who tie in the original intent in new ways, e.g., a travel DVD player for the car with a free DVD of a family-themed Christmas favorite like Elf.

Although Christmas always falls on December 25, Hanukkah dates change from year to year, allowing some wiggle room for ecommerce merchants creating holiday campaigns. Think about what items can bridge both celebrations and appeal to a wider audience than either holiday alone, like candles and serving pieces.

New Year’s resolutions can be big business for e-commerce sales: from dietary supplements to aid in weight loss to nootropics for potentially increased focus, savvy consumers who research products online make great prospects for sales. Does your site offer a blog or other opportunity to share industry trends, news, and other information that can set you apart from your competition and showcase you as a leading information source? Including product links directly within your content makes it easy for readers to buy directly from your site.

Another option for driving end of year sales is to compile “best of” product lists for your site, allowing you to highlight previous top sellers, trends, or even “re-brand” leftover inventory for a flash sale. Consider how the tv dinner was (allegedly) created to use up leftover turkeys, and think about how you might creatively find a new market for your inventory.

In the UK, online Boxing Day sales continue to increase, especially m-commerce sales (purchases made from a smartphone or tablet). Are you shipping to the UK? With facilities in 3 countries, helps small to mid-sized businesses scale to increase their global sales footprint and make worldwide fulfillment easy.