We Woof You
A Meow-y Christmas

One of the best parts about the holidays is our pets. They don’t expect anything except an occasional walk or belly rub, so a stocking filled with chew toys, bones, or catnip can send Rex or Fluffy into a literal tailspin. They suffer through various elf costumes and reindeer headgear for social media posts, and give us a reprieve from crazy relatives (Oh, I’d love to do another shot of Jager with you Uncle Fred but Mr. Pickles really needs to be walked!). If you don’t have a pet of your own, you can still fill your social media feeds with internet stars like Doug the Pug, Aaron’s animals, and Bob the golden retriever. While for some people the holidays can be a sad reminder of those no longer with us or financial pressures, laughter is the best medicine, so watching a couple of funny animal videos is never a bad idea.

There are even online matchmaking sites…for dog dates. Whether you need a dog-sitter for your pooch, want to give your pup some added exercise while you’re at work, or can’t have a pet where you live and just crave some canine company, enter sites like Rover, Dog Vacay, and Bark ‘N’ Borrow to fill your dog-shaped void. Today’s savvy pet owners aren’t satisfied with just organic jerky treats or personalized doggy cupcakes, especially millennials who are postponing having kids and lavishing their love (and disposable income) on their “fur babies.” From hi-tech collar devices that track everything from Fido’s GPS coordinates, activity levels, and sleep patterns, to automatic ball launchers that keep the game of fetch going with or without you, these are not your parents’ pet toys.

In the US alone, pet expenditures for 2015 are projected to reach $60.5 billion dollars! Are you catering to the canine market? Facilitating feline toy sales with finesse? Let Fulfillment.com pick, pack, and ship your e-commerce orders, giving you more time to “paws” for fun with your pets.