Cashing in on Collectibles

One thing experts agree on when it comes to the collectibles market, is that you should love what you collect. A given item or collection may increase (or decrease) in value over time for multiple reasons, but if you love looking at that piece of contemporary art or displaying your vintage toy collection, then you tend to not be as impacted by these fluctuations. In other words, if I have a million dollar painting, it’s only worth a million dollars if someone else is willing to pay me that amount to take it off my hands, so I might as well enjoy seeing it over my mantel every day.

With Generation Xers and Millennials frequently not committing to big-ticket purchases of homes and cars like previous generations did, and the “greatest collector-generation of World War II” dwindling, to say the collectibles market is in flux is an understatement. But the same generations that prefer renting and Uber rides to owning, also have a penchant for collecting nostalgic toys and games of their respective youths, from Atari sets to Star Wars action figures.

Last year, Vectis Auctions Ltd, the world’s largest toy auction house, handled the record-breaking sale of 70 items from former UK Star Wars Fan Club Chairman Craig Stevens’ personal collection of toys. Back in 2010, the toy collection of Malcolm Forbes, including toy soldiers and an original Monopoly board game, sold for $2.3 million via Sotheby’s. If you ever visit Kansas City, MO, be sure to stop by the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures to see their amazing collection of toys throughout history. If time permits, throw in a detour to Bonner Springs, KS to check out the Moon Marble Company, whose manufacturing of wooden toys and game boards eventually led them to making their own marbles reminiscent of those from their childhoods.

You’ve probably heard of Comic-Con, but did you know that there are associations, even gatherings and conventions for collectors of everything from Cracker Jack toys to Pez dispensers? If you are targeting the vast collectibles market, let handle your warehousing and e-commerce order fulfillment. We save you time and money, so you can spend more time pursuing whatever it is you enjoy collecting.