Old School DVDs and CDs Keep Sales Spinning

When it comes to technology, I am not what you would call an “early adopter.” Technology and I have, at best, a love/hate relationship in that I love it when it works and makes my life easier but hate it when anything goes wrong as I have no idea how to troubleshoot or fix it. Having said that, in my younger days I was a pioneer in ditching my landline, despite the fact that my local pizza delivery technology was not savvy enough to verify my address without said landline and I was frequently denied pizza delivery when I most needed it (curse you, stupid crank caller punks and Jerky Boys fans, ruining pizza delivery for the rest of us!).

My son is on his third tablet in just over a year, not because of any innate techie-ness he may have inherited from his dad but because he cracked the screens on the first two. So even though we can stream Netflix to our TVs and devices and have a wifi router in our home as well as a cable bundle with HBO and superfast Internet, we are still consumers of old school technology like CDs and DVDs. My husband in particular cannot resist the siren call of the $5 DVD at Wal-Mart (for the rare occasion when the cable is out but we still have power for the TV and Blu-Ray, I guess?).

I love a real book over viewing it with my Kindle app, although when I made the rookie mistake of ordering the electronic version of the Thug Life vegetarian cookbook, I made darn sure I still read every page (would “swiped every page” be more fitting here?). And on a road trip? Riding shotgun and playing DJ with a stack of CDs (unless your CD player is in the trunk) is as much as part of the experience as eating crappy gas station snacks along the way.

My point in all this is that despite the overwhelming number of ways you can now “access content,” many people (millennials notwithstanding) eschew technology in favor of tried and true “old school” methods. When VCRs first came out, the joke was always that you needed a teenager to set the clock. With the HDMI/video/input and other options on my TV, not to mention the collection of remotes to make it work, sometimes just being able to hit play and listen to music or watch a movie without having the assistance of my 10 year old is the best way to unwind.

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