The Sweet Scent of Success

2015 has come and gone but the memories made, and the scents associated with them, continue to linger into the new year. Fragrance is no longer limited to the perfume counter at the mall department stores, it has diffused its way into every aspect of 21st century living: from what we eat, drink, and put in (and on) our bodies; to our environment, from home to car to office; to even where we spend our free time (e.g., the gym/spa, the mall, restaurants, etc.).

The term Proust (or Proustian) Effect was coined to describe what happens in your brain when a specific smell unleashes a memory, thus transporting you to that time and place. The 18th-century French author Marcel Proust was the first to write about the connection between scent and memory in his novel Remembrance of Things Past.

Today, savvy marketers have figured out how to influence sales by playing to consumers’ olfactory sense. From scented packaging to double-digit growth in areas like natural, organic cosmetics and aromatherapy products, people are more serious about scent than ever. In 2014, Saks 5th Avenue unveiled a fragrance library “experience” at their flagship NYC store, with “fragrance librarians” to assist shoppers searching for scents from classics like Dior and Chanel, to hot newcomers like Givenchy. But why stop there when now you can make like a mad scientist and create your very own fragrance? No longer limited to coastal couture, even flyover states are seeing scent shops pop up in places like Leawood, KS, where you can create a custom-blended, personalized scent. Why settle for a designer fragrance when you can create your own signature scent?

With annual global perfume industry sales revenue at just shy of $30 billion, to paraphrase Toucan Sam, just “follow your nose” to get in on this growing market. And when you’re ready to outsource your e-commerce order fulfillment, give us a call to see how we can save you time and money. Now that’s the sweet smell of success.