With Apologies to the Beatles, Love Really Is All You Need

Last year, consumers spent almost $19 billion (!) dollars on Valentine’s Day, across candy, jewelry, entertainment, clothing, gift cards, dining out, and of course, flowers. Speaking of flowers, one floral industry research firm predicts 2016 sales to reach $3.3 billion dollars, up from $2.1 billion last year. Valentine’s Day is second only to Mother’s Day in terms of floral sales.

Between tokens of affections for spouses/significant others, children (and of course, class parties and valentines for all), and even the family pet, and over 25% of last year’s Valentine’s purchases made online, this holiday presents a huge opportunity to expand your sales offerings and garner new customers. In a reversal of typical holiday spending, men spend 2.3x as much as women for Valentine’s Day, so think about how you can target that market with your sales efforts even if your product isn’t traditionally associated with the above holiday staples. For example, last year Pilot Pen created the Love Guru movement to showcase handwritten notes in this digital age.

The average amount spent on Valentine’s Day gifts for pets in 2015 was $24.96. Between sweethearts, kids, and pets, if you aren’t extending your product offerings to capture some of the love for Valentine’s Day, you’re missing the heart-shaped boat. Heck, there’s even an anti-Valentine movement afoot (think: Cupid is Stupid parties with heart-shaped pinatas and a whole lotta designs for those not so into the hearts and flowers), so even if your core business isn’t hearts and flowers, surely there’s something you can tie into the so-called “F month” holiday.


With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, Friday and Saturday night dinner reservations are sure to be booked solid. Ditto for Sunday brunch. One idea is to bypass the dining-out crowd and subscribe to a service like Blue Apron that ships everything you need for a home cooked meal to create a memorable date of prepping and cooking together.
Regardless of how you celebrate (or avoid) Valentine’s Day, Fulfillment.com’s system scales for holiday sales spikes, ensuring your customers receive their orders on time. Give us a call today to see why our clients “Say Yes” to outsourcing their e-commerce order fulfillment and only have eyes for us!