The Luggage of the Future is Here Now

With the latest airline restrictions on luggage size and weight, the trips of yesteryear where you might have thrown everything into one, huge Samsonite (mustard yellow in my youth) are long gone. There is no “universal” carry-on luggage size among airlines, so as consumers make new purchases to meet restrictions, the timing for suitcase innovation is perfect.

Smart phones, smart cars, even smart homes make our lives more connected and convenient, so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to pair the latest technology with luggage and alleviate one of the main frustrations of travel–missing bags. It’s been awhile since the airlines have lost my bag…it seemed to happen every time we checked our son’s car seat (travelers under 2 fly free!) and, of course, that time I was flying to my brother’s wedding and my luggage, including my bridesmaid dress, vanished. Not to mention that I flew from Phoenix to Kansas City and there was a freak spring snowstorm, for which I had no appropriate clothes without my luggage. Cue an unexpected trip to the mall.

Alas, with “smartcases” such as those envisioned by Bag2Go on the horizon, such scenarios may never again come to pass. Their suitcase features an embedded RFID chip, essentially allowing you to skip the lines and check-in your luggage from home before you even leave for a trip. They are also working on a phone app through which you could track your bag’s location, taking the guesswork out of arriving with all of your stuff.  

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door,” but in this day and age, most “outside of the box” ideas need funding, too. A successfully-crowdfunded campaign launched by Bluesmart brought the world’s first smart, connected luggage to market. With a built-in scale, you’ll never overpack again; new luggage orders arrive within 7 days; and bags feature two USB ports so even when using the companion app to lock your luggage via (smart) phone, you’ll no longer be “that” traveler sitting on the airport floor hogging an outlet. In a nod to the fact that despite the best tech advances, human error can still cause lost bags, they’ve even partnered with Uber for airport pick up services on delayed bags!

Traveling with tots? Trunki makes products from cases that double as seating to backpack-sized booster seats and other “why didn’t I think of that” items to lessen the stress of taking a trip. Just as luggage innovations help travelers,’s free e-commerce platform integrations, real-time inventory reporting, address validation and order grouping tools, and personalized customer service all add up to make worldwide fulfillment easy for online merchants. Whatever your mousetrap may be, make more time for building it (and save money with our volume discounts) when you outsource your order fulfillment to us.