B2C is the Key (to Unlock
Sales Vault)

Whether you are susceptible to the overzealous direct marketing TV commercials for the latest wonder product to make your life easier, or bookmark your favorite sites to shop from your office over lunch at your desk, or jump on a flash sale from your phone or tablet, all of these types of shopping have one thing in common: B2C, or business-to-consumer. In other words, they are selling directly to you and the product(s) in question ships directly to your doorstep (be it office or home). Armed with a strong wi-fi signal, consumers can purchase monthly subscription service boxes, day-to-day household supplies, clothing, electronics, pet supplies…really just about anything under the sun. And they are!

According to the smart folks over at Remarkety, the top 10 e-commerce markets in 2015 accounted for over $1.3 trillion in sales. Click on the previous link for a handy infographic detailing specifics on shopping patterns in these top countries, but suffice it to say, whichever country you are shipping from or to, there is room for increased sales. For example, in the US, only 28% of small businesses sell their products online, while over half of US consumers shop online…talk about missed opportunities! And if you’re in the UK, the majority of purchases are made after 6 pm, so consider staging your campaigns to go out in concert with your buyer’s shopping habits.

At Fulfillment.com (FDC), we have facilities in the US, UK, and Canada, with more locations on the horizon. There are a lot more moving parts in B2C shipments than start-up merchants may realize, such as postal rates based on package weight and dimensions in addition to zone of origin and final destination. Take advantage of our logistics expertise in knowing which facility to use for the most cost-effective and timely shipments of your products. Request a quote today to see how we can make worldwide fulfillment easy for you!