Diving Into Direct Sales

Let’s look at some stats about direct selling:

  • In 2014, over 18 million people were involved in direct sales
  • US retail sales for direct selling products and services neared $35 billion in 2014
  • Nearly 75% of direct sales representatives are women

According to best-selling author Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics 2015 video, the population of Facebook users now exceeds that of the most crowded countries (China and India), grandparents are the fastest-growing Twitter demographic, and 90% of buyers trust peer recommendations. If you overlay these stats on the above direct selling ones, it’s clear that social media can be a huge aid in direct selling techniques, from getting the word out about the products and services, to creating events or parties where people can learn more and purchase items in person. Think what you may about direct selling, but heavy hitters like Amway have been proving this model’s success for over 50 years, with last year’s sales totalling almost $12B. Even relative newcomers like LuLaRoe are making a splash by inviting clients to become sellers–and who better to tout your product than someone who already uses (and loves) it?

As the internet continues to connect people across the globe, many consumers seek to put their faith in companies, brands, products, and services that they trust. Whether it’s vitamin supplements for your various family members, organic cleaning products for your home, or a clothing line utilizing sustainable materials, direct sales provide a way for consumers to connect with a product ambassador, personalizing the buying experience. You might be able to add an extra stop to your list of errands to pick such products up, but if you have a salesperson vested in your needs, he or she can definitely make things easier. And with the re-ordering of products and services available with the click of a mouse, direct sales can also streamline your day-to-day efforts.

If you are involved in direct sales and looking for better fulfillment options to save you time and money, let us make worldwide fulfillment easy. We are founded on many of the same principals that make direct sales successful: accessible, personal attention; user-friendly technology with real-time reporting capabilities; order grouping up-sell tool; shipment tracking engine; and more. Contact us today to help your direct sales business grow!