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You may not be familiar with the word Nootropics, but you probably know many of the nutrient names that are included in this burgeoning category of so-called cognitive enhancers. For example: ginko biloba, CoQ10, creatine, garcinia, human growth hormone (HGH), and even caffeine. The internet makes the far flung users of nootropics a Reddit feed click away, and many additional forums exist where people debate the various uses, efficacies, and best combinations for improving memory and focus, or even preventative uses for depression and mental health problems such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The saturation of computers in our day to day life has led to appropriating the word “hack” beyond programmers and coders. Social media posts of  top “life hacks” offer tips and shortcuts to make day to day tasks easier. Likewise, “biohackers” dabble in experience-based living, which is really a throwback to common sense, nutritional eating, and clean living, somewhat difficult to practice in today’s fast-food culture world.

Just as e-cigs and vaping took the cigarette industry by storm (and subsequently, the FDA is still sorting out the regulatory issues), the co-founders of e-commerce nootropics company Nootrobox have an interesting suggestion for this fledgling field to get ahead of the regulatory curve, invoking the Orphan Drug Act of 1983 to encourage government research and support of nootropics. stays current on markets and trends that impact our business, including nootropics. Whether you are currently shipping nootropic stacks or looking to outsource fulfillment for your expanding product offerings, we can help make worldwide fulfillment easy for you.