Home Chefs Cook Up Sales

Here in the south, no problem is so big that is can’t be solved with a little down home cookin’.

Funeral? No time to skimp on comfort (read: calories), go with something that serves a crowd and rounds out the Honeybaked ham and deli tray donations, like a hashbrown casserole (this one even has funeral in the name!) or mac and cheese (trust us, making it from scratch is a cinch but don’t blame us if you never go back to the boxed version again).

School or Team Fundraiser? Bars are easy to make and sturdy enough to cut up and travel, so opt for something decadent like Hello Dolly bars with a little bit of everything. Or try this version of an egg-free French Silk Pie for a bake sale or cake walk. Use a pre-made crust and it will literally take you less time to make the pie than it takes me to find my keys most mornings.

New Baby or a Convalescing Neighbor? Now’s the time to try something lightened up, but still tasty, like Chinese Chicken Salad or Chicken Tetrazzini. As an added nicety, pack the meal in a disposable aluminum tray so the recipients need not worry about returning dishes.

You might think in this age of 24/7-accessability to streaming videos, cable tv food channels, lifestyle blogs, and Pinterest that cookbooks would be a thing of the past, but millennials are “discovering” the Joy of Cooking (pardon our cheesy pun!) in droves and cookbook sales are apace with their interests. Additionally, meal-preparation subscription services like Blue Apron and Plated are providing amateur chefs with the confidence to branch out and experiment with new recipes and techniques, all of which lead to increased sales of kitchen tools, utensils, pots, pans, and yes, cookbooks. There’s even a cookbook of the month club to keep your kitchen cooking with a variety of styles, from celebrity chefs to basic techniques and everything in between.

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