12 Great Gifts for Grads, Dads, and Bored Kids

Summertime means graduations, weddings, father’s day, vacations…throw in summer camps if you’re a working parent and money flies out of your wallet faster than a teenager can roll their eyes. Whether you’re giving a gift for someone else or treating yourself because no one got you anything good, you may as well spend your money wisely. Here are 12 suggestions that cover just about any “gifting opportunity” you may encounter this summer.

  1. Tired of lugging those portable chairs to the beach/park/music festival? Airbags are a comfy alternative! Best of all, it’s lightweight and requires no pump to inflate it (or light-headedness from blowing it up yourself).
  2. What’s more relaxing than chilling in a hammock? How about a hammock that’s also a hot tub?! Whoa!
  3. Whether you’re a craft brew snob or prefer the cheap beer you drank in college, you can avoid the party foul of a spill with these weeble wobble pint glasses.
  4. These book title decals for stair treads make a great gift for your Harry Potter-obsessed friend (or maybe just help to keep your kids on track with their summer reading).
  5. From camping to the backyard fire pit, these fire starters disguised as sticks of dynamite are a s’mores making game changer.
  6. For anyone in your social circle under the age of 20, this Snapchat ice mold can be given for reasons both practical and ironic!
  7. This “cattop” computer is the perfect gift for your hipster friend whose cat is even cooler than you.
  8. Whether you need something for the hostess who has everything or that one friend who is always posting her Pinterest fails, this watermelon shark is sure to be the hit of any party.
  9. Need a gift that’s fun but not too personal for your co-worker who identifies with Homer Simpson? How about a pink-frosted, sprinkled donut pool float?
  10. If your boss took credit for your pool float idea, complement the donut float with a matching beach blanket.
  11. For any outdoor gathering, these self-sealing balloons make for epic water balloon battles.
  12. Liven up any bbq, pool party, or summer soiree by making your own tattoos. Fun for all ages!

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