5 Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Actually Wants

Dads, husbands, fathers, and sons are among the recipients of the $14.3 billion expected in Father’s Day sales this year. This year, instead of the standard tie, we’ve scoured the internet for some suggestions of gifts he’ll actually want (and use!).


  1. Let’s face it: most dads have amassed a pretty large collection of baseball hats, but this one allows him to harness solar power to charge his cell phone while wearing it. No batteries, no outlets…prepare to move to most favored kid status.¬†
  2. This gift combines the power to make moms happy by using coasters and the power to make dads happy by keeping his beer cold. BOOM!
  3. Everyone knows that the grill is dad’s happy place, so get him some of this amazing new rub from KC Masterpiece and he can doctor up his “secret recipe” with water, soft drinks, beer, or bourbon. That’s right…it’s a real game changer.
  4. Fancy up his summer footwear with sandals that do double duty: these flip flops hide a bottle opener in the sole and you can create your own message to leave in the sand with these. You could go with #1 Dad, T-Rex footprints, or create your own custom design based on dad’s personality or favorite team.
  5. Remember the scene in A Christmas Story where the dad receives the “major award” in a giant crate? Send your dad his very own crate, complete with its own crowbar to open. Mancrates¬†ships a variety of dad treats, from jerky, to ammo, to projects, and more.


With online shopping for Father’s Day gifts expected to be over 32%, you can make dad’s day (or year!) with a click or two of your mouse for any of the above suggestions. And for those of you reading this post in the e-commerce space, don’t forget that here at Fulfillment.com, we’re not just experts on how to give a better gift than your siblings, we’re also top notch at online order fulfillment.