Facing the
Dog Days of Summer with Cat-titude

Regardless of whether summer’s longer days inspire you to get outdoors more or the heat and humidity chase you back into the comfy confines of temperature control, if you’re a pet owner, summer provides great opportunities for both types of people. If you’re inclined to an inner sanctum of A/C and Netflix, no need to invite friends over since you can now enjoy drinking wine with your cat thanks to Apollo Peak. For those of us who love a good Super Troopers reference (and really meow, who doesn’t?), sizes are listed in “meownces” and their clever names (MosCATo and Pinot Meow) belie the fact that the recipes are all natural and don’t actually have any alcohol.

If you’ve ever taken your dog to a doggie daycare that offers webcam coverage for you to “stay connected” throughout the day, that technology is now available for your home with the added benefit of being able to interact with Fido via videophone and even reward him with a treat as well as special scents. Hooked into your smartphone or computer, the device features both motion and sound detection activation. It’s the next best thing to being able to take your dog to work with you!

But what about those summer-y free spirits who love nothing more than to hit the park or beach with nothing but a frisbee and man’s best friend? The inventors of this ant-free food bowl have solved the problem of feeding and hydrating your dog on the go without attracting unwanted bugs looking for a freebie. This summer, remember to keep those pets cool, be mindful of paw pads on hot pavement, and enjoy your pet time both inside and outdoors!

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