Time-Saving Hacks for Summer

If there’s one thing people always seem to need more of, it’s time. Granted, there are only 24 hours in any given day, but here are some tips that can help save you time, so you can spend more of it out and about enjoying summer’s longer days.

Whether you’re sending work emails from the parking lot or texting your spouse a reminder to pick up milk, if you’re big on texting or emailing from your phone, this app learns your writing style, making it a time saver with bonus points awarded for saving you the embarrassment of autocorrect fails. 

Summer means road trips and you’re eventually gonna need to park, right? Download this handy app to find the “cheapest, closest parking to your destination.” They even provide street parking for some cities.  This app lets you scan barcodes to check product ingredients, as well as providing ratings and alternative options, so whether you’re worried about parabens in your toothpaste or HFCS in your ketchup, you can shop with confidence at home or away.

When your return home from vacation to a mailbox full of junk mail, you’ll want to download this free app. Simply snap a picture of the offending missive(s) and the folks at PaperKarma will send the company a request to remove you from their mailing list.

Even if you decide to staycation at home with the a/c cranked while binge watching Netflix, this solar-powered gadget can save you the “hassle” of moving from the couch to adjust your blinds by automatically switching them for you based on the temperature in your home. Maximum laziness achieved.

Speaking of time-savers, Fulfillment.com clients save time with our lightning-fast logistics platform and personal account executives. And you know how they say time = money? Well, we save them that, too. So if you’re an e-commerce merchant looking to free up time, money, or both, give us a call to see how we can help you. 1-800-277-6096.