What’s New in Cosmetics?

While traditional makeup retailers were divided between brick and mortar “prestige” locales (think: spas, department store counters) and “mass” sellers (e.g., drug stores, big box retailers), the boom in online sales from those same venues has helped create a new niche which is blurring the lines between e-commerce and in-person purchases: beauty subscription boxes. Industry innovators like Birchbox are even receiving millions in venture capital investments. With 82% of women believing that social media drives beauty trends, visual imagery plays a huge role in shopping with your eyes before your click the purchase button.

Facial care products including makeup and sunscreen drive the lion’s share of sales within the cosmetics industry, with one trend being the use of natural ingredients. ┬áResearch showing a possible link between sunscreen components and coral reef bleaching is further driving new formulations using safer ingredients in this much-needed product. Some companies are even turning the conventional wisdom of not sleeping in makeup on its proverbial head by marketing, you guessed it, makeup you can sleep in!

One of the fastest growing areas of sales within the beauty realm is men’s products. Although shaving products “make up” the majority of sales, everything from bath bombs to exfoliating scrubs are no longer the sole purview of women’s shopping carts. Considering that Dollar Shave Club just recently sold to Unilever for $1B, there’s clearly money to be made in marketing beauty to men, or at the very least, making their daily routines easier. Anthropologists discovered evidence that Neanderthals used crushed up seashells and pyrite for use as ceremonial makeup, so there really is nothing new under the sun.

Whether you’re shipping the latest anti-aging cream or Will Ferrell’s sunscreen, the experts at FDC can help save you time and money. If you choose to re-invest those savings in a bevy of beauty box subscriptions, who are we to judge?