Vitamin Supplements Get High-Tech

Cultures as far back as the Egyptians understood the relationship between nutrition and disease, diagnosing maladies such as night blindness and determining that in feeding liver to sufferers, they were able to cure them. While not sophisticated enough to know that night blindness was caused by a vitamin A deficiency, they nonetheless determined a cure by administering a vitamin A-rich food source.

Despite the media saturation advocating ingestion of “super foods” like kale and avocados (note, super food is a made up marketing term), most Americans’ diets are woefully lacking in ideal nutrient consumption, which is why more than 50% of adults take vitamins to balance those deficiencies. As anyone who has set foot in the vitamin aisle can attest, there are a lot of options and choices, so here is a good review of what’s good and why. And what about all those options of vitamin type? Hate to swallow a pill? Try a gummy! Here’s a good overview of the supplemental forms and why one might be more suited to you than another.

Today’s dietary supplement, nutraceutical, and even cosmeceutical¬†markets are being driven by three factors: aging (or more accurately, anti-aging); fitness (weight loss as well as protein powders and muscle growth formulas); and self-care (as evidenced by the rise of “membership-based” spa services like Massage Envy). Most people think about anti-aging products in terms of creams, serums, even injections like Botox or StriVectin, but now there is even a pill form that reportedly targets aging at the cellular level.

As the line between tech and real life continues to blur, one company has found a way to marry wearable tech to customized, personal vitamin needs, targeting “connected consumers.” Another combines the popularity of subscription-based mail order services and literally pre-sorts and packages all of your daily pills¬†(this ain’t your granny’s weekly pill organizer box!).

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