5 New Trends for Lugging Your Luggage

If you think there’s nothing new in luggage, you haven’t experienced the ways that technology is transforming how we pack.

For those of us who grew up watching the Jetsons and assumed we’d all have personal flying cars by now (but instead have to make do with commercial flights), at least there are some luggage improvements being made which ease the hassle of travel. For instance, German luggage maker Rimowa figured out a way to marry smartphone technology with a suitcase, allowing you to check your bag from anywhere, as well as keeping tabs on it en route. Voila! No more lost bags.

Alas, most of the other exciting ideas for upgrades are still in the visionary stage. One that should start shipping this month solves the modern-day problem of powering up. Between killing time with mindless games and apps during flight layovers and all of the status updates and posts once you arrive, phone juice goes quickly. Enter the folks at GoPlug, who created a messenger bag with solar charging powers!

Crowdfunding is a great way for a good idea to go viral and travel accessories are no exception.  Tired of lugging your suitcase? This one is robotic and follows you! Given that it’s raised 405% of its crowdfunding goal, we think this will be a reality pretty quickly. And here is one you can ride through the airport! How much more fun would that make a trip?! This backpack uses a Bluetooth lock system to keep your stuff safe. All great ideas with solid financial backing so we should see them on the market soon.

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