It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a…Burrito-Delivering Drone?

If it seems that drones are everywhere, both in the news and in the skies, it’s because they are. As these devices become smaller and less expensive, the applications for usage seem to increase exponentially. Even where I live, it is not uncommon to see jet skiers and kite boarders zipping around, cutting turns while a drone flies overhead catching all of the cool wave shredding. Although Amazon made a splash when they announced they were researching deliveries via these mini, flying robots, real-world applications since then for logistics and delivery include the recent announcement of a pilot program between Virginia Tech and Chipotle on, you guessed it, burrito delivery via drone. As for those aforementioned water thrill-seekers, this version will set you back about $20 grand, but you can use it to tow you and capture footage of your sweet surf moves simultaneously, so there’s that advantage.

Ownership can be as simple as ordering a miniature drone for less than $50 with no FAA registration required to snazzier versions for $1000+ that are smartphone controlled and do require FAA registration. Heights and battery life are also factors to consider when purchasing a drone, as well as speed (some can fly up to 85 mph!). The rule of thumb for registering with FAA is if your drone weighs more than half a pound, but check out their guidelines here before you buy so you know what to expect.

At FDC, we may not be ready to deliver our clients’ packages by drone (yet!), but with bi-coastal US facilities as well as UK and Canadian sites, we cover the globe pretty quickly, all while offering a variety of pricing and delivery time options to save you time and money.