Mandals, and Manpris, and Manscaping,
Oh My!

My son and I play the “slug bug” game whenever we see a VW Beetle, but they seem to be everywhere these days, so I created my own version whereby every time I see someone sporting a man bun, I subtly point it out and slug my son. Except now, man buns seem to be even more ubiquitous than Beetles, so it may be time to come up with a new target.

The term metrosexual was coined back in 1994 and by 2005, the word manscaping had entered our vernacular. Men are finally catching up to women in terms of investing in their personal grooming habits and spending is likewise increasing apace, so much so that the men’s grooming industry is expected to reach $21B in 2016. Beyond traditional products like hair pomades and beard oils, men are even getting in on spa services such as waxing that were heretofore mostly the realm of women. Sites like The Art of Shaving, Harry’s, and The Grooming Lounge┬ácombine brick and mortar stores with e-commerce product sales, and subscription boxes tailored to men’s grooming, accessories, and attire continue to grow their male sales base. Not limited to just men, though, these types of subscription services provide a great gift idea for women to give the men in their lives.

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