Scaring Up $8.4B In Halloween Sales

Fall is officially here, which means Spirit stores are popping up everywhere and your social media feeds are full of creative costume ideas. That’s right, Halloween is just around the corner and, if you’re like my household, you’ve already plowed through at least half (ok, all) of the candy you so cleverly stocked up early on this year.

When I was growing up, Halloween was really a kids holiday, with most costumes being cobbled together from household supplies, not unlike our last-minute school projects. I distinctly recall dressing as a bum for several years in a row: a baggy sweatshirt raided from  my brother’s closet paired with a hobo sack fashioned with a stick and one of my mom’s cleaning day babushkas. The piece de resistance? Mom would smudge a wine cork on the stove burner and rub “dirt” on my face. Ah, the totally non-PC days of yesteryear. Today, whether you’re a kid, parent, millennial, or even the family pet, you’re most likely going to contribute something to the $8.4B in Halloween spending that the National Retail Federation is projecting.

Although not surprising that women are more likely than men to decorate for the holiday and find costume inspirations on Pinterest, I found it interesting that men spend more money overall on the holiday, are more likely than women to throw or attend a Halloween party, and find their costume inspirations on YouTube. Good insight to keep in mind: differentiate your marketing efforts based on your target demographics.

Another surprising point of contrast I found in reading the NRF report was that over 171M Americans plan to celebrate Halloween in some fashion but their creativity when it comes to dressing up is pretty limited: witch, superhero, and animal costumes all ranked in the top 10 for kids, adults 18-34, adults over 35, and pets!

If you’re trying to come up with something cheaper, easier, different than the perennial favorites, costume props are an easy way to transition from work to party mode without even changing clothes. Last minute invite? Fashion some triangles out of tin foil, affix to a headband, use a black eyeliner pencil to do double duty for drawing a nose and whiskers, and boom, you’re a cat! Or how about channeling your inner “wild and crazy” comedian in a #TBT arrow headband?

Steve Martin-inspired Halloween Costume
Easy “Wild and Crazy” Halloween Costume

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