In Praise of Packaging

Sure we’ve all experienced wrap rage with that impossible-to-open, plastic-encased product for which a can opener is literally the best tool to use, but product packaging matters more than you probably ever stop to think about. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Austin, Texas and shop where you bring your own everything, packaging impacts all of us on a daily basis, from e-commerce shipments, to the pizza box your dinner is delivered in, to the bottle containing your multivitamin.

,packaging wrap rage

According to All4Pack Paris, the global packaging market is expected to reach $998B US by 2020. E-commerce is a huge driver of this increase, with China’s Alibaba the biggest packaging consumer. With estimates of 30% of online purchases being returned, packaging that is sturdy enough to ship to and from while also being easy enough to open and reseal is an important factor. For this reason, paper and board packaging is still the most consumed type worldwide, totaling $261B US last year.

But what about products that don’t easily fit in a box, are fragile, high-value, or require some additional TLC in order to arrive in the same condition as they left the warehouse in? For example, shipments of wine or perfume or anything that comes in a glass bottle. Or one-of-a-kind jewelry, collectibles, or the latest tech gadgets that cost a small fortune.

At FDC, we’re fulfillment experts. If you’ve got a tricky product to package or a special way you want things to look, we’re on it! From successfully crowdfunded campaigns with multiple, detailed picks for various donor levels to high-end handbags that require a signature look to special wrapping for glass bottles, we’ve seen it all, done it all, and saved our clients money while shipping it all. Contact us today to see how we can help you stand out from the crowd.