Why Shopping Without Kids
is the Best Thing Ever

Although many see the Internet, with its vast supply of time-wasting cat videos and conspiracy theory rabbit trails, as a time suck, parents, in particular, appreciate it for the very opposite reason: it saves them time. Bear with me here, I’m not talking about checking your phone for “one second” to see if anyone liked your recent status update and then the next thing you know, dinner is a burnt, crispy mess. I’m talking about time saved by not going shopping. Sure, it might take a few minutes to compare what site has the best price, but that is waaay better than time spent getting in the car and shopping anywhere in person when kids are also involved.

My recent poll of adults (ok, just my opinion), shows that any sane parent would rather not shop with their kids in tow. For one, it adds extra time to even the simplest errands and two, it increases your total expenditures by approximately 14,000%. I could drag my son to Home Depot for paint or tools or any-other-thing-not-of-interest to kids, and he would still manage to fleece me for a Coke and a bag of Doritos at check-out.

Enter online shopping…from back-to-school to Christmas gifts, I can shop from the convenience of home, most likely with a glass of wine (ooh…there’s an idea to get more people shopping in person—free alcohol!), and the goodies come right to me. No crowds, no ravaged shelves with only pink backpacks left when my son clearly needs a “cool” one, and no impulse buys maxing out my credit card (well, except for those helpful add-on recommendations that online merchants make based on my purchases…why, yes, that would make a great addition to my shopping cart and purchase…thanks for the suggestion!).

In regards to sparing yourself the hassle of clothes shopping with kids, the only downside I see from online purchases that magically appear is that kids today have no idea what size they wear in any article of clothing. Case in point, I took several kids roller skating for my son’s birthday and none of them even knew their own shoe size!

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