The Appeal of Subscription Boxes

Subscription box services continue to increase in popularity as they delight users by offering a surprise, a treat, a reward…something to brighten the day’s usual delivery of junk mail and bills. Or maybe it’s the allure of one less decision to make in our over-scheduled, electronically-tethered lives. According to Internet Retailer, in January 2016 alone, visits to the sites of online subscription retailers exceeded 21 million. Not surprisingly, there’s even a trade show just for subscription providers.

On the continuum of commerce, you have brick and mortar stores like Sephora and Starbucks getting into the e-commerce subscription arena, and formerly online-only sites like Think Geek opening brick and mortar locations to round out their fan base. Whether you want someone to select your wardrobe, expand your palate, or help you spoil your dog, there’s a subscription service out there to meet your needs. And with Christmas right around the corner, you should be able to find something for everyone on your list with a subscription box tailored to their taste–it’s literally the gift that keeps on giving!

Have you heard about the Mysterious Package Company yet? This clever site combines the appeal of a surprise by mail with a twist–a mystery to solve over time to boot. It reminds me of a book series I read years ago called Griffin and Sabine. Who knows? Maybe this trend of cultivating anticipation is the antidote to our immediate gratification, binge-watching-an-entire-series culture.