Get Crafty

Once upon a time, you went to a bar and they had a couple of beers on tap, “well” and “premium” brand liquors for cocktails, and maybe a couple of wine options. Today, even the most humble watering hole probably has several craft beer options and many restaurants offer highly curated drink menus, featuring locally-sourced seasonal ingredients, small-batch selections, infused liquors, and even “designer” ice cubes.

That’s right…ice cubes. If you’re had a drink in any major city lately, you’ve likely experienced everything from ice spheres to squares and rectangles shaped for a highball or collins glass. Here in the south, we say if your drink needs more ice, you’re not drinking it fast enough, but apparently, the perfect ice cube can make all the difference in your craft cocktail. Pardon the pun, but hipsters can make anything cool!

Aside from keeping your libation iced to the ideal temperature, another trend in cocktail creations are the non-alcoholic additives. Everyone knows probiotics are good for you, so why not take that one step further and combine them with something fun like drinking alcohol? I was at a food festival in Savannah last year when I can across the term “shrub” in relation to cocktails (silly me, I was thinking literally, like maybe they had used rosemary from a shrub to infuse the hooch), and now it seems like these “drinking vinegars” are everywhere. ┬áIt’s no longer just that one weird guy in the office with the apple cider vinegar on his desk, people are mixing this stuff in with seltzer water, booze, you name it.

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