Zombies Continue to Appeal to All Ages

Zombies have been a popular topic for many years now. No longer limited to Halloween sales or Walking Dead season premieres, zombie memorabilia has even made its way onto Christmas shelves and video games, as evidenced by PopCap Games’ Plants vs. Zombies, their fastest-selling game to date.

How did the idea of undead start? Long before pop culture re-branded them as “walkers,” zombies were once considered an act of voodoo, only brought back from the dead to do a voodoo priest’s bidding. The horror of the dead coming back to life was a thing of nightmares, which might be why so many are attracted to the idea that zombies could actually become reality. With the fear and wonder of what could happen if a zombie apocalypse were to occur, the CDC even created content to help others learn more, from Preparedness 101 to zombie e-cards.

This craze shows no signs of waning. While zombie’s have always been known as brain-eating monsters, more and more shows are recreating this image, even going so far as portraying them as heroes. Movies and television shows such as Warm Bodies and I-zombie show the softer side of what these creatures could be. These “good” zombies are just like everyone else, with obstacles to overcome, making them a topic that appeals to all ages. Good zombies can be seen in children’s TV shows and popular children’s toys. For example, Monster High is a popular doll brand that give monsters a new look. Even beloved Disney princesses have been “zombified” in the YA book Once Upon A Zombie. Children can now dress up as their favorite Disney zombie character, like zombie Alice or zombie Belle, proving zombies aren’t so scary anymore.

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