Everybody & Their Dog

Approximately 44% of all US households own a dog, that’s almost 78 million of man’s best friend, and more and more companies are including pet insurance as well as allowing employees to bring their dogs to work as one more office perk and morale booster. Most dog owners today think of Fido as not just a pet but a family member. And employees at companies that have canine-friendly offices are less likely to leave for a job somewhere without similar pet-friendly policies.

E-commerce and retail offerings targeted to people (and their pets) run the gamut from dog food formulated for specific breeds to vegan dog food for those who want their dogs to be just as healthy as they are. ¬†Other companies incorporate their dog-centric culture into efforts to help fund and fight animal welfare issues. For example, a portion of every bottle of wine purchased through Chateau La Paws benefits animal shelters and the folks at Tito’s Vodka even carry dog toys, leashes, food bowls and more featuring their Vodka for Dog-People tag line. Their website features a variety of links to Instagram posts and who doesn’t love to fritter away time online looking at precious pooch pictures? The IHeartDogs.com site even compiled a list of 18 companies and products that help dogs in need, perfect to keep bookmarked for all gift-giving occasions.

Whether you’re lucky enough to bring your four-legged friend to work or have to make do with Fido hangtime before and after office hours, if you shop online for your pet, we help online merchants¬†get their products to you in less time via our bi-coastal and international facilities. And, of course, we provide doggone great customer service.