Customer Service Focus = Increased Sales & Loyalty

Customer service impacts every part of your business. Don’t believe it? US companies are now losing $62B a year due to poor customer service. Technology is bridging gaps between companies and their customers, but the flip side is that it’s easier for one negative customer experience to contribute to those billions in lost sales. Sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp that encourage candid reviews are great if you’re getting customer service right, but could wreak havoc on your business if you’re floundering at keeping customers satisfied.

One of the key ways to increase customer satisfaction is convenience. Your competitors are out there every day trying to beat you on price and customer service, so how do you differentiate your company? By being more convenient to do business with. From using chatbots to answer specific FAQs, having a Live Chat button on your website for immediate assistance, or making sure someone is monitoring your social media platforms for incoming messages, there are a variety of ways to be more easily accessible to your customers that can give you an edge within your market. If your business is international, consider having staggered hours so there is always a real person with whom customers can connect, whether by phone or virtually. Is your returns policy easy to find on your website or buried several clicks in? By designing your processes with the customer in mind, you can save a lot of future headaches and lost revenue.

At, we recognize that the customer is king (or queen), so all of our staff is at the ready to assist with any client need. No issue is too small for our attention and we audit our technology on a daily basis to ensure we are performing at an optimal pace. If your fulfillment center doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies, request a quote from us and see how we deliver peace, love, and fulfillment on a daily basis.


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