Probiotics & the Mind/Gut Connection

We’re nearly half way through 2017 and, like millennial pink and fidget spinners. it seems like probiotics (hint: all of those kombucha posts you’re seeing on social media) and research in support of them, are popping up everywhere. But like so many so-called health(y) foods, probiotics have been around forever (literally since they live in the human body!), but we’re just now starting to better understand their role in our immune systems, although probiotics such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and miso have been used in holistic healing for centuries.

The probiotics market size was valued at $16B in 2008. By 2023, that number is expected to jump to $64B! One reason for this exponential leap is the rise of “function food consumption,” as consumers become more aware of the link between nutrition, diet, and health. Back in the 90s, many gyms and health clubs added juice and smoothie bars catering to their captive audiences, and many of today’s yoga studios continue this theme by offering cold-pressed juices and other drinks for post-workout replenishment.

The jump from yoga and its holistic approach to probiotics is not a big one as the gut is sometimes known as the “second brain,” and more and more research is showing clear evidence for the mind-gut connection and our ability to overcome previous nutritional deficiencies by balancing this connection. So whether you’re selling DIY Kombucha kits, probiotic supplements, or anything in between on the healthy gut spectrum, FDC can help pick, pack, and ship your products worldwide and seamlessly scale your business while your sales skyrocket. Contact us today for a complimentary quote.