Fulfillment.com is: The #1 recommended global e-commerce fulfillment service provider to high volume E-tailers.
Closing 2021 with more than 23 million orders shipped, Fulfillment.com's performance is unsurpassed:
Right Product
99.9973% of all orders shipped with the correct product
Right Time
99.8148% of all orders shipped the day we receive them
Right Address
99.9998% of all orders shipped to our client-provided addresses
Right Price
On average, FDC’s fulfillment pricing is 37% less than Amazon FBA
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how we do it
From only these four fulfillment centers, we can make 1-2 day delivery by ground to 99.97% of the continental US population -- the Amazon Prime™ standard. With balanced distribution from all four centers, we can make next-day delivery by ground to 68% of the continental US population. Independent Internet retailers are challenged with meeting the Prime™ standard without exponentially increasing their inventory carrying costs.
We are FDA registered at all four US fulfillment centers, and our e-commerce order management system can automatically track lot numbers and ship FIFO or FEFO (first to expire is first to ship). Almost 50% of the products we handle are health and beauty products.
Fulfillment.com's US network offers our clients three attractive options:
Ship from all four fulfillment centers for the fastest possible delivery at the lowest possible cost. Considering zone-based postage rates, our data indicates that shipping from all four centers can be 15% less expensive than shipping from one center - with 48% faster delivery
Ship from 1, 2 or 3 centers to provide fast, inexpensive delivery to your geographic customer concentrations
Ship from Fulfillment.com in Kansas City to cover the entire continental US population in 1-3 days

8 Strategically Placed Fulfillment Locations Worldwide

US map showing shipping fulfillment locations in Salt Lake City, UT, Kansas City, MO, Savannah, GA and Breinigsville, PA

United States

4 Fulfillment Locations
The Most Efficient Ecommerce Logistics Network in the USA!
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Allentown, PA
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Savannah, GA
99.97% U.S. Households
in 1-2 Days via Ground
Canada map showing shipping fulfillment location Mississauga, Ontario


Mississauga, ontario
Worldwide Fulfillment Made Easy®
United Kingdom map showing fulfillment and warehouse center location in Birmingham

United Kingdom

Birmingham, UK
Worldwide Fulfillment Made Easy®
Food Grade Registration Number ABLW8F-J7Y596-MALR7J. National Occupational Standards EC853-2004 compliant.
Map of Europe showing fulfillment center in Haelen, Netherlands

European Union

Haelen, netherlands
Worldwide Fulfillment Made Easy®
Map of Australia showing fulfillment center in Melbourne


Melbourne(Dandenong South)
Worldwide Fulfillment Made Easy®
Our international footprint includes fulfillment centers in Mississauga, CA; Birmingham, UK; Haelen, NL; Melbourne, AU. Fulfillment.com’s order management system automatically selects the most efficient fulfillment center with inventory from which to ship --- worldwide.
World map with indication of order fulfillment centers
We pride ourselves on our world class customer service.
Each of our clients are assigned their own “success manager” so that FDC clients communicate with the same representative each time, every time. The result is a collaborative partnership with a fulfillment executive that knows their business.  

Many of our clients are multi-channel marketers, and sell their products on their own website, in addition to marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay. With our state-of-the-art proprietary platform, our clients have the option to integrate directly to their own CRM or proprietary platform through our open APIs. Some even dropship B2C orders through online retailers including Walmart.com and others.  

Fulfillment.com is the ideal storage location for all inventory for multi-channel marketers.  We have highly competitive storage rates and we are already integrated with more than 70 of the world’s top e-commerce shopping carts, CRM, ERP, marketplaces and retail drop shippers.  We will replenish your Amazon FBA inventories at your direction, and the next time that Amazon arbitrarily stops receiving and/or shipping your products, you can simply switch to FBM and Fulfillment.com will ship your Amazon orders.

If you need a mechanism to fulfill your Amazon sales, Fulfillment.com would be happy to help.  We are already integrated with Amazon marketplaces in the US, CA, AU the UK and the EU for FBM.  FBA is currently charging $0.69/cubic foot/month for product storage January through September, and an amazing $2.40/cubic foot/month October through December.

Fulfillment.com ("FDC") charges no more than $0.47/cubic foot/month January through December. Over an entire year, storage at FDC is 58% less expensive than FBA. 
where it all began
Fulfillment.com began in March of 2011, when two partners founded Vanguard Economics, LLC.  They identified a void in the e-commerce fulfillment industry and had a vision to create an e-commerce fulfillment company that served independent online retailers.  Their mission was to provide a higher level of customer service and support than what was being offered at the time.

Vanguard’s first brand was “At Cost Fulfillment,” which initiated operations in a small second floor office over a pizza shop on Whitemarsh Island, Georgia.  The company built its foundation on three-pillars.  Those included, “High Touch, High Tech, and Transparency” to internet retailers. Several of our company’s earliest employees are still with us today and we thank them for their continued service! With quick market acceptance, the company rapidly outgrew its office. In 2014, the company acquired the “Fulfillment.com” domain and settled into its current headquarters and distribution center on King George Boulevard in Savannah, GA – which is 10 miles from the 4th busiest seaport in the USA.
Now branded as Fulfillment.com (FDC), prospective clients anywhere in the world searching “fulfillment” on Google can easily find us on the first page of a Google search. 

Fulfillment.com currently has a network of fulfillment operations in the US and empowers e-commerce companies to deliver their products globally with ease. Today, Fulfillment.com is supported by the three initial pillars and growing stronger everyday as the team members now embrace its motto of Trust, Teamwork, and High Energy

If you want the best --- you’ve found it --- Fulfillment.com.
We do this by focusing on our vision, values and mission.  Our vision remains to be the Preferred fulfillment provider to high volume E-tailers in the USA.  

We are proud of our values of Integrity, Respect, Attitude, Empathy, Communication, Exceeding Expectations and Delivering Solutions.  

Our mission is right product, right place, right time, EVERY time!

If you are interested in allowing us to help your business grow with the best shipping options available, contact us.

If you are interested in working for us, please see our careers page for open positions.
Top 3PL for 2018- 2022 years- awards

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*Fulfillment.com provides order fulfillment services for hundreds of premier online businesses. Please note however, that Fulfillment.com does not have access to, control of, nor authority over, customer orders, charges, or refunds. In order to get information on your shipment, discuss charges, and/or receive refunds, please contact the company from which your purchase was made. Customer service details can usually be found either in an order confirmation email, on the product itself, or on the website from which the product was ordered. Thank you for tracking with Fulfillment.com!